Artwork is designed by contemporary mandala dot artist, Amy Diener. Amy is an internationally recognised painter specialising in vibrant colours and patterns inspired by her travel encounters. She incorporates the designs and hues from nature and urban cityscapes of South East Asia and beyond. Her process requires extreme focus and dedication to her craft. She patiently dips and drops dots of acrylic paint onto a surface. This painting experience brings her to a mediative state. She pours her creativity and passion onto her paintings. Amy Diener showcases her work across the world on a commercial scale. She has had a long history of battling OCD and uses art as a coping mechanism to bring awareness and destigmatize mental health. She is an OCD advocate, and hopes that by sharing her story, others can be inspired to explore artistic expressions, seek help for their mental health, and start or continue making growth in their lives. Just because one experiences a mental illness, does not mean it should define and stop one from achieving their hopes and dreams. She encourages others to live their life to the fullest, surrounded by positivity and peace. Her artwork is also very meditative to look at, and can bring harmony and balance to your life.